Wednesday, February 18, 2015


(Yellow Bittern - Ixobrychus sinensis)

An tiempon Kuaresma, manayuyunat i taotao.
(During Lenten season, the people fast.)

I man åmko' yan i man malångo u fañocho kåtne.
(The elderly and sick are to eat meat.)

Pues i kakkak ti malago' umayunat, sa' ma'å'ñao na u masoksok.
(Now the kakkak didn't want to fast, because he was afraid to get skinny.)

Pues annai måkpo' i Kuaresma, sinangåne as Jesukristo,
(So when Lent was over, he was told by Jesus Christ,)

"Ti un hongge i fino'-ho. sa' ma'å'ñao hao na para un masoksok."
("You didn't believe my word, because you were afraid that you were going to get skinny.")

"Pues tiene ke ni ngai'an na para un yommok."
("Therefore you will never be fat.")

"Masosoksok hao asta i finatai-mo."
("You will stay skinny till your death.")

  • This was a story with a warning to those who did not faithfully observe the Lenten fast and abstinence rules.
  • Another lesson to be learned was that when one defies God's law for some perceived benefit, one is stuck with that benefit in such a way that it turns into a liability.

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