Tuesday, January 6, 2015


If you are an Angoco, you have the good fortune of coming from a small family, which means you can be very sure of your lineage at least as far back as the mid 1800s.

It's an indigenous name, based on a Chamorro word : angokko.

Angokko means "to depend on, rely on, trust."

The family comes from Aniguak, which, in the 1700s, was overwhelmingly populated by the more purely Chamorro, while Hagåtna was peopled by the Spanish, Latin American and Filipino soldiers who intermarried with Chamorros.

Presiding over the Aniguak Angocos in 1897 was one Joaquin Angoco, married to Susana Taitano (another indigenous name). Listed with them are over a dozen single adults, young adults, teens and children. It is possible that the older ones are their children, and the younger ones their grandchildren.

Living apart from them is a Don Pedro Angoco, who is identified in government documents around the same time as Pedro Taitano Angoco. Thus it seems pretty clear that Pedro is the son of Joaquin and Susana. The "Don" means that Pedro served once as a municipal official, probably the head (cabeza) of the barangay (district) of Aniguak at one time.

But there is also a Dimas Angoco, a little younger than Pedro, and his middle name is Cruz. He is the son of Francisco Angoco and Nieves Cruz (apparently both deceased by 1897). It's possible that Pedro and Dimas are brothers. Not sure. Dimas also lives in Aniguak, apart from Joaquin and Pedro.

So, the Guam Angocos seem to come from two possible origins. A Joaquin and a Francisco.

At one time, there was a Manuel Angoco. He seems to have moved to Luta (Rota) in the mid or late 1800s where he married an Ayuyu. He is the ancestor of the Luta Angocos. His relation to the other Angocos is currently unknown, but there must be a connection as the entire clan seems to be small and limited to Aniguak.

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