Friday, September 19, 2014


There is a Camacho family better-known-as the familian Títires.

There is a street named Títires in Maite and some of the family live in that area.

The word títeres is Spanish, the plural of the singular títere and it means "puppet" or "marionette."

But Chamorros added another layer of meaning to it, but one can see where they got it.

Påle' Román's older Chamorro dictionary says that titires can still mean "puppet."

But it can also mean a "buffoon, a joker, a clownish person, a jester."

Modern Chamorro dictionaries add the meaning "unruly" or "ill-mannered."

Since puppets are often used to act out comical antics, it's not surprising that Chamorros expanded the meaning of titires to include the kind of behavior puppets perform.

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