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Escuela de Niñas
(Girls School in Hagåtña)

Who were teaching in the schools of the Marianas in the late 1800s?  Here's a list from 1885.

At the Colegio de San Juan de Letrán in Hagåtña, founded by Blessed Diego Luís de Sanvitores, and supervised by the priest of Hagåtña from then on, were :

Don Luís Díaz de Torres.  As headmaster, he earned 25 pesos a month.  He had been educated at the Teachers College in Manila (Escuela Normal).

Felipe Cruz
José Cruz Torres
Juan Rosario Sablan
Vicente Flores Aflague

These four teachers earned 10 pesos a month.

The girls, who eventually had their own school building, were taught by two women :

Ana Herrero
Dolores Cruz

These two women teachers earned 5 pesos a month.


All these teachers earned just three pesos a month.

Sinajaña - Mariano Castro

Aniguak - Justo Aflague

Asan - María Delgado

Tepungan - Pedro Taijito

Sumay - José Cruz

Agat - Mariano Taitano and Antonia Pangelinan

Umatac - Carmela Cruz

Merizo - Pedro Cruz and Ana Pangelinan

Inarajan - José Dueñas

María Cristina (Carolinian village in Tamuning) - Mariano Fausto

Rota - José Castro and Consolación Crisóstomo

Saipan - Joaquina de León Guerrero and Antonia Borja

As you can see, there were very few teachers, which means that they were teaching very few children, compared to the total population of children.

The fact is that the government, and the Church, were not interested in educating every single child.  Since people were farmers and fishermen who lived off the land and sea, there was no perceived need for a classroom education.

But the officials did realize, for many years, that they needed a sufficient number of educated people who could read and write in order to become the civic leaders of the local population, who could assist the government and Church in the formation of the community they envisioned.

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