Saturday, November 24, 2012



Fanhigåyan*.  August 29, 1874.  10AM

Vicente Camacho Garrido, 28 years old and already married, really thought himself something.  He was walking arm-in-arm with another woman, and, what was worse, she was already connected with another man, one Luis Mendiola Mendiola.

Vicente challenged Luis to a fight, and Luis declined.  Vicente called Luis a woman, and still Luis declined to fight.  Vicente took his machete and slashed Luis under his left floating rib, severing part of his intestines.  Luis was taken to Hagåtña where he hung on for a while, receiving both medical care and the Last Rites.  But he died shortly thereafter.

(P. Aniceto's Diary)

* Fanhigåyan is the correct name for a place we all call today Finegayan.

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