Wednesday, September 21, 2016


This song, sung by Primo Marianas from Saipan, takes me back to the late 1970s when my friend, the future Father Patrick Garcia, used to play this album constantly.

It's a song about growing up poor, and reliance on God, the generosity of others and avoiding theft.

Åhe' ti isao este i pepble
(No, poverty isn't a sin)

sa' guaha ha' pat riko pat popble
(because there are either rich or poor)

lao eyu yo' nai na piniti-ña
(but the pain of it)

i sesso yo' ma fa' chalek-ñiha.
(is to often be their laughingstock.)

Lao si Yu'us mås hihot na amigu-ho
(But God is my closest friend)

guiya et mås hu hahasso
(He is the one I think of the most)

sa' guiya ha enkatgao i mañaina-ho
(because He put my parents in charge of me)

bai tayuyute ha' sa' siempre u esgaihon yo'.
(I will pray because He will surely accompany me.)

Tåya' isao-ña este i mangågao
(There is no sin in asking)

an sakke hao ennao mås isao
(to be a thief, that is more a sin)

ya si Yu'us u onra siha i man geftao
(and God will honor the generous)

sa' i pepble man mames nai na taotao.
(because the poor are sweet people.)

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