Friday, April 11, 2014


Åntes de para un hånao
ai fangågågao lisensia!
Yanggen magof yo' un hånao;
yan ti magof yo' pasiensia.

(Before you leave,
oh, ask for permission!
If it pleases me, you will go;
if not, have patience.)

Stinging words that can be applied in more than one scenario.

One can imagine an adolescent boy who knows the girl of his love interest is momentarily at church or in another public place.  If he moves quickly enough, he can stroll by and converse with her.  But mother is keeping him on a short leash.

It could be a teenage girl, eyeing a potential boyfriend.

Perhaps it could even be from one lover to another, detaining the other to prove who rules in the relationship or perhaps to further enjoy the other's company.

The verse can mean many things, depending on the singer.

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