Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Potpot na lepblo!
A thick book!

Some of the Mendiolas in the Marianas are known as the Potpot family.

Potpot means "thick."

The Potpot branch in Yoña is very well known.  They are the descendants of Antonio Fejeran Mendiola of Hagåtña (before the war) and his wife Juliana de la Cruz.

Other Mendiolas better-known-as Potpot are the descendants of Mariano Borja Mendiola and his wife Antonia Guerrero Pangelinan.

The family members I have spoken to do not know why their clan is called Potpot.  Of course, if any family member would like to contact me and let me know what they know, please do so.

It's important that people understand that potpot does not mean yommokYommok means "fat" or "overweight."

Neither does it mean pokpokPokpok means "swollen."

Here are some things that can be considered potpot :

Potpot na alunan
A thick pillow

Potpot na pedåson kåtne
A thick piece of beef

Potpot na toåya
Thick towels

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