Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Many old-time Chamorros resisted amputations.  They flatly told the doctor, "You're not cutting it off."

Reasons differed, but one frequent Chamorro explanation was this :

"Annai ha na' huyong yo' si Yu'us, todo kabåles.  Mungnga yo' na bai hu fåna' si Yu'us 'nai måtai yo'  ya u fåtta uno gi dos addeng-ho."  "When God made me, all was complete.  I don't want to face God when I die and be lacking one of my two feet."


"Kabåles ha fa'tinas yo' si Yu'us, kabåles bai hu na' na'lo."  "God made me complete, complete I will give it back."

Even when told that by letting one foot remain, s/he would die and lose both feet and his entire body, he or she would say, "Gao-ko hu fåna' si Yu'us yan entero i tataotao-ho, ke ni para bai hu fåna' Gue' ya guaha fåfåtta gi tataotao-ho."  "I prefer to face God with all of my body, than to face Him and something be missing of my body."

Either they weren't catechized enough about the resurrection of the body (whole and entire) or they were using this as a convenient excuse to forego surgery.  Even if a man's body were blown to bits in war, dissected by several hungry sharks or burned to ashes in a house fire, God will have no trouble re-assembling all the bits and pieces on the day of resurrection.

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