Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today I wanted to go with a "Saipan name." 

The Aldans are a very identifiable family because the patriarch was a recent immigrant to the Marianas and is well-documented.  His name was Lucio Santos Aldan, from Imus, in the Province of Cavite, Philippines.  His parents were Tomás Aldan and Ana de los Santos, and Lucio was a carpenter by trade.

Lucio first moved to Guam and married a Chamorro woman, Maria de León, from Hagåtña.  Their older children were born in Hagåtña and then Lucio and Maria packed up their bags and moved to Saipan by at least 1886 where a son was born.  Their children married into Chamorro families in Saipan.

Life is cyclical and in recent years some Aldans have moved to Guam, where their patriarch first started in the Marianas and where their matriarch was born. 

"Aldan" is not a Spanish surname, and a quick google check reveals that it seems to have entirely disappeared in the Philippines, where it might have been an indigenous name since it is not Spanish.  In traditional Chamorro pronunciation, the name would be pronounced "at-dan," leading some to confuse the name with the Spanish and Chamorro version of "Adam," - "Adán."  The two names, really, have nothing to do with each other.
Marian Aldan - Pierce
President of Duty Free Shoppers Saipan

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